Buzzidil Brand Ambassador

Welcome to the Buzzidil Brand Ambassador Programme!


Feeling the need for a buckle carrier growing with my baby and ensuring the best possible fit for my own son I invented the Buzzidil babycarrier. I did not expect this to be an enterprise. It was just the best solution I found for my very own need. However it seemed I was not alone and so the Buzzidil was recommended from Mom to Mom, from parent to parent. This was how the Buzzidil found its way into more than 20 countries all around the world.


These recommendations from parents to parents are a huge compliment for us and we are very grateful for your passion. We would love to carry on this enthusiasm and therefore start an international brand ambassador programme. We are searching for five brand ambassadors!

Set the stage for participation


  • You are active on Facebook and/or Instagram.
  • Make sure to follow Buzzidil on Instagram and/or like Buzzidil on Facebook.
  • Please note: Your Instagram profile needs to be set to public.
  • You need to have a genuine liking to support our brand.
  • A good number of followers is nice, but not really necessary.


To enter


  • Share our brand-ambassador search picture on Instagram and/or Facebook (please note: you need to share publicly)
  • Share your favourite babywearing pictures (up to 3) on Instagram and/or Facebook and use #buzzipal so we can check it out!
  • Send an email to or register here.

Babywearing is a perfect way to manage your everyday life whilst giving your baby a maximum of closeness and security.


We love to see pictures of our products in use. Show how you wear your child in our carrier(s) when doing daily activities or when travelling or just having fun.


Become our brand ambassador now...

We are searching for five Buzzidil fans who can test our products, give detailed feedback and share their experiences on different social media channels & Facebook groups.



We would love to share your pictures on our Social Media channels too!

Share your love to wear!


Brand ambassadors will be assigned for a 6 month period and will receive Buzzidil products for testing and reviewing. As a brand ambassador you will promote our brand especially on social media platforms and will share your babywearing enthusiasm.


Further details, post requirements etc will be discussed and agreed on in individual contact.

Are you a fan of Buzzidil? And are you an active member of the babywearing community (local and/or online)?


If you love to take babywearing pictures and share them on different social media we might be looking for you!

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